14th July 2021




Q&A with Belinda Terranova


Husband’s name? Any kids?

Fabio’s my husband, we married in 2016. We met up through his cousin, a friend of mine, the matchmaker. We have two kids: Felice, 3, and Nina, 10 months.


Where do you live at the moment?

Plumpton. We built there in 2017. I’m originally from Avondale Heights, Fabio’s from Werribee.


What kind of work do you both do?

I work as a mum these days, but I was with Armorgard for 10 years as a cash processor. Fab has a concrete plant and garden supplies business in Williamstown. I do some admin work there a couple of days a week.


Have you lived in Sunbury before?


No. People have asked us why are we moving from Plumpton to Sunbury, why not Melton instead?


So what triggered your interest in Sherwood Grange? What do you think of the area?

Fab came across it on Facebook, loved the name and clicked on it. We like the size of the land. We’re on a very small block at moment, 512sqm, but we have lots of cars so we bought a 864sqm lot. We’ll be going double storey, we’re looking at Henley at the moment.


What about travel time to work in Williamstown?

It might be an extra 15 to 20 minutes on Plumpton but that’s okay.


Why have you chosen to buy and at Sherwood Grange? What do you think its attributes are?

We’ve heard of good schools and the Salesians are here. We both came through the Catholic education system. Medical-wise, the lady over the road from me in Plumpton has her doctor in Sunbury and says he’s really good. If I have to back to Plumpton it’s still just 15 minutes.


What else can you say about your experience buying at Sherwood Grange? Anything unusual? How was the purchasing process?

Brendan and Lisa at Raine & Horne were very helpful. We saw a few kangaroos out there when we visited. It’s very country style, there’s plenty of space and we have the park and wetlands opposite, plus mountain views.

We’re in the country but still just two minutes from Sunbury.