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Five easy steps

Building your home from the ground up is exciting and extremely rewarding, but with so much to consider it can be hard to know where to start.  We want all our residents to have a positive experience from the outset, so have compiled a guide to help you on your way.

Choosing the right location

Most people have an idea of the home you want to build, the lifestyle you wish to lead and the budget you have to get there.

The location will also be a big factor for people, both in terms of access to employment and the transit involved, as well as the price of land in the area.

Villawood is also making it easier for Care Workers to access land, so they can live near where they work.  You can find out more here

You can browse all Villawood’s communities

What are your priorities when choosing where you want to live?

We’ve listed a few pointers to get you thinking:

  • If you have children or plan to raise a family in this house, does the area have easy access to schools, universities or kindergarten?
  • Do you want to be close to your family and friends?
  • How close are you to shops and cafes? Is it important for you to be close to these amenities?
  • If you need it, can you easily access freeways and public transport
  • Buying a block of land is generally off the plan, so you often have 6-9 months to save more towards your house deposit and choose your builder.
  • But most importantly, when buying land, you get to choose where you want to live!

Choosing a site for your home

Now you have decided on your location, the next choice to make is the lot on which to build your ideal home. Our on-site local sales consultant can help give you an idea of which block will suit your budget and lifestyle.

Here are a few things to help start you thinking about what sort of block to look for:

  • Establish a realistic budget and stick to it
  • Think about where you would like to be positioned in your chosen community – would you like to be close to parks or wetlands? Do you have friends and family you’d like to live close to?
  • What sort of block suits you and your lifestyle?  Do you want something with a big backyard or something with less maintenance
  • What orientation would you like your home built on, and have you thought about solar efficiencies for your home?

Buying your land

Now that you’re excited about your land selection, the next step is to come into a Villawood land sales office and secure the lot.  To do this you will also need to pay your deposit and sign your land contract.

One of the big advantages of buying land and building your own home is that you save thousands of dollars in stamp duty in comparison to buying an existing home. And, if you’re a First Home Buyer, you may also qualify for the First Home Buyers Grant!  For more information about available concessions and eligibility, please visit sro.vic.gov.au.

Villawood has also recently changed the land sales contract to restrict nominations to immediate family members.  You can read more about these changes here.

To understand the costs and concessions available, here’s an example based on a lot that is on the market in metropolitan Victoria for $240,000.

Remember, your bank or mortgage broker understands this process and the best person to help guide you through the process. You can also make a visit to your mortgage broker or bank and get pre-approval from them before you come and buy your land. This will ensure a smoother buying process and may help save you some time down the track.

Selecting a house and builder

Once you have selected your dream block in your chosen Villawood community, it’s time to decide on your house design!

There are so many choices out there, that it’s important that you find the design that best works for your needs.

Some points to think about when selecting your house and builder are:

  • What are the requirements or features I need in my home?
  • How does the design of the house I like suit my lifestyle?
  • What are the standard inclusions on the house and are there are any options to upgrade? Would a turnkey package suit my needs and budget?
  • Does my community have ‘design guidelines’ I need to be aware of prior to choosing the design of my home?
  • A selection of Villawood communities feature Display Villages on site, so you’re able to find your dream home and builder right on your doorstep.
  • Once you’ve chosen your home, you will then enter a building contract with the builder to construct on your land.
  • All you have to do then is pay your builder’s deposit, then the real fun begins – choosing your colours, new furniture and so much more!

Financing your house

Now you’ve bought your land and chosen your builder, pop into your bank or mortgage broker and they will show you just how easy it is to combine your land and house purchase into the one finance application.

Or, come and talk to one of our on-site agents, who can put you in touch with a mortgage broker or financial adviser in your area.

If you’re an eligible first home buyer, you’ve got the added bonus of the Government’s First Home Buyer Grant and stamp duty savings, which could save you thousands!  Visit sro.vic.gov.au for more information including concessions available and eligibility requirements.

And make sure you keep your eyes open for any current Villawood offers, which could save you even more.

Remember, the Villawood team are always here to assist you and our onsite consultants are available whenever you need them.

Good luck on this exciting journey and we look forward to welcoming you, to one of our Villawood communities soon!

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