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The Villawood brand name is synonymous with prudent financial management and strong investment returns. Some of Australia’s largest financiers, development companies and private investors have partnered with Villawood to build some of Australia’s most well-known residential communities.

Among these are the likes of ISPT, Investec Australia, Hostplus, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, Australia Property Fund. Then there planners, legal eagles, industry colleagues, government agencies, civil contractors, educators, landowners and politicos as well. The Villawood world is a varied and multi-faceted one in which numerous moving parts come into harmonious concert. The common theme to all these relationships and interactions is integrity, respect and professionalism. We treat our partners how we’d like to be treated.

Property Owners, Partners

Villawood Management and Sandhurst Capital provide the experience and resources for landowners to realise any potential development site.

We offer a comprehensive development management service from pre-commencement, due diligence and feasibility analysis through funding, tender procurement, government management, project planning, design concepts and construction to marketing, sales and after-sales support.

  • Straight Purchase:  Sandhurst Capital can purchase the property for a fair agreed market value.
  • Project Management: You be the developer, realise your land’s full financial potential. Villawood Management offers expert service to maximise the outcome.
  • Development Management Agreement/Joint Venture:  Share the best of both worlds with Sandhurst as partner and Villawood Management developing the project to achieve optimum potential.
  • Endless combinations of partnership arrangements are available. We are happy to design a structure with you that best fulfils your aspirations.


Our accumulation of investors has generally been by word of mouth to people known to us but we welcome new investors who accept the high standards our brand represents. Our investors understand the long-term nature of land development, particularly that profits and dividends are generally made in the second half of the development timeline.

Shareholders receive quarterly project reports, and complete financials annually. Dividends and capital returns are made as project cashflows allow. The average Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of our projects over the last two decades is 22% – as reported in Core Research Report Sept 2020.

Each project presented to potential investors has an individual estimated IRR, Return on Capital and project timeline. We prepare an Information Memorandum for every project and only accept Sophisticated Investors. If you are interested and qualify as a Sophisticated Investor, please check with your financial advisor or accountant, contact us at villawood@villawoodproperties.com for upcoming opportunities.

What they say:

“They’re smarter and they’re not frightened to bring better technical solutions, they don’t shy away from technical advances.”
David Draper
Draper Construction
“It gets to personal values and the ethos of people. And that’s been evident every time we interact.”
Daryl Browning
Chief Executive, ISPT
“Community is at the core of everything they do. It is their objective to connect communities by providing platforms for people to make friends and lasting relationships.”
Chris De Silva
Founder, MESH Planning
“Villawood truly understands the value of long-term relationships with partners aligned in their values and objectives.”
Spiros Deftereos
Head of Property, Hostplus
“We liked the energy, the skills and the track record they brought. Tony and Rory were a pleasure to deal with.”
Graeme Katz
CEO, Investec Australia Property Fund
“They’re very meticulous with planning and very hands-on … their name is also held in the highest regard through the various authorities and councils.”
Ken Breese
Breese Pitt Dixon
“I think, with Villawood, there’s just a genuine sense of humanity.”
Mike Hirst
Former Managing Director- Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
“Developing parks and starting infrastructure at the outset develops a sense of community. The parks bring people together and they’re great for young families.”
Brian Gassman
Gassman Development Perspectives
“Tony is really down to earth and easy to talk to. The relationship works well because both companies are built on cultures that value and invest in relationships, both internally and externally.”
Jono East
Partner, HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
“They are forward thinking in their approach and place the enduring quality of their product as the main focus, with a view to long-term liveability for residents.”
James Pope
Buckler Property Group Director
“We’re very happy to be dealing with Rory and Villawood. He’s a nice fellow who’s been good to us. He’s been a friend."
The Lamb Family
“(Partnering with Villawood Properties) will ensure we have our long-term viability and in that we want to become a community hub. It wasn’t all about the bottom line, but about values. For us, it's obviously about looking after our members. We see our values and those held by Villawood as very similar. The new club will give members more and better facilities. It will be a real community hub.”
Darren Bandy, President Midlands Golf Club
Drew's Paddock

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