19th November 2019

Promoting Mental Health and Well Being in the Property Sector

Villawood Properties is acutely aware that symptoms of mental health are not always obvious.  There can be a vast difference between the way a person is feeling and how they present themselves.

Anyone who met Villawood’s Phil Hanna warmed to his open and gregarious nature.  He was widely respected across the industry for his integrity and forthright approach to business.  Many who knew him only saw a competent, passionate and passionate CEO, so his passing hit incredible close to home for many.

In the immediate days and weeks after Phil’s passing, Villawood’s leadership team sought the guidance of experts on how we could best support our team.

That is how we came across Monash Alfred Psychiatric Research Centre (MapRC) and the important work they do.  We were proud to co-sponsor, with Nostra Homes, the recent UDIA Victoria Mental Health and Wellbeing Lunch and we’re grateful to the UDIA for donating the proceeds to MapRC.

At the lunch, our executive director Tony Johnson kick started the conversation around mental health and well-being by opening about his own experiences.

We are also grateful to keynote speaker, Beyond Blue founder the Hon Jeff Kennet, for his colourful and thought-provoking address which challenged the room not to be complacent with their lives and to seek help if and when needed.  Additionally, deputy director of athletic wellbeing and engagement of the Australian Institute of Sport, Matti Clements and CEO of Resimax Group, Olympic gold medal winner and former captain of the Australian Olympic Athletics Team, Steve Hooker provided the room with valuable insights on the parallels between mental health in sport, business and leadership.

We don’t pretend to be experts in the field of mental health, but much like the friends and relatives of someone taken by cancer – an illness that no one thinks twice when talking about – we have experienced the repercussions of losing a loved one.

Beyond contributing to the essential work undertaken by MapRC, Beyond Blue and the many other worthy organisations in the mental health sector, it is our hope by being open and honest about our experience, about seeking help, that others will feel that they too can open up, seek help.  If you would like to learn more about MapRC or even make a dontation to further their important research, please click the link below.