10th June 2022

Destination Sunbury: Yoga 101

Immerse yourself in a beginner’s yoga class or learn to become a teacher at one of Sunbury’s first yoga centres.

Michelle Caldwall has been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and comes from a group fitness and classical ballet background. She’s a qualified and registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and Studio Pilates teacher.

“When I opened my practice in 2010, there wasn’t really any yoga in the immediate area, so you had to travel over an hour for it,” says Michelle. “I thought it would be good to share my experience with the Sunbury community because yoga is so healing and, now, we have so many yoga teachers in the area working from home too.”

As many of these instructors were taught by Michelle, the yoga community in Sunbury is very close-knit.

“I love the humour and support in this community,” says Michelle. “When someone is in need, the rest of us all gather together to help. It’s so strong and I think that’s special.”

Yoga 101 caters to all levels of capabilities with the practice of Hatha yoga – a popular lineage of yoga, which works through mindful meditation and familiar poses, such as Downward Facing Dog and Warrior I and II.

“The vision we have is for people to come in and feel comfortable and safe to be themselves,” says Michelle. “It’s not a clinical atmosphere, we’re homely and there’s no dress code,” says Michelle.

Yoga 101 also offers Pilates and reformer classes with the machine, as well as massage, facials and other variations of aromatherapy too.

As a mother to three daughters, Michelle enjoys the local area with outings to the cinema, aquatic centre and Galaxy Land in Jackson Park.

There’s also the Lancefield guesthouse, which offers weekend deals for a beautiful getaway, as well as Mount Macedon and Daylesford, Hepburn Mineral Springs and nature walks around Hanging Rock.

“Sometimes we think we have to travel a long way to find nature and it’s actually at our doorstep!” says Michelle. “It’s only 20 minutes away by car to see the most magnificent native fauna and flora.”

While it’s true that Australia’s beautiful flora and fauna is easily accessible to residents of Sunbury, Yoga 101 also provides the opportunity to travel abroad for a different experience with nature.

Just a short 4-minute drive from Sherwood Grange, where serenity and urban convenience connect. Take this opportunity for Yoga 101 to become your local self-care hub, while also creating a yoga community with your fellow Sherwood Grange neighbours. Realise your dream and browse the current premium lots on offer at Sherwood Grange.