14th July 2021

Country calling at Sherwood Grange

Moving to Sherwood Grange and Sunbury was an easy choice for Sam and Cara Bombagi.


Both work at Melbourne’s Docklands but quarters were getting a little cramped with two growing daughters at their Point Cook home. The question was one faced by many upgraders: extend or build new?


The case for building on a larger lot was compelling. But the burning question was: Where?


Where could they still get to the CBD readily? Where could they find a good school close by? Where could they find all the retail, services and amenity they already had, or perhaps even better?


Sunbury loomed large.


Cara had lived at Sunbury in the early 2000s and remembered its initial Sherwood community favourably. Villawood Properties’ new Sherwood Grange was premium – larger lots, an easy country-style ambience, a full town centre just minutes away ….


“I’d visited Sunbury years ago as a sales rep, and wasn’t really impressed, but I went out with Cara and the place has changed – it’s trendier,” Sam says.


“We looked at a couple of suburbs but we liked the country. In the suburbs, a lot of estates blocks are just 350sqm and geared more toward the first home buyer.


“We’re second and third home buyers, and we wanted a bigger home in bigger surrounds. Sherwood Grange is just five minutes from town and it’s in the country.


“We tested the distance to Docklands. Point Cook was 10 minutes less but Sunbury was much easier, straight freeway, no lights, traffic was easier.”


The Bombagis secured a 847sqm lot at Sherwood Grange, in a quiet street a stone’s throw from a park and waterway with space enough for 40 or 45sq double-storey 4BR home they’re looking to custom build, with a pre-requisite pool for the girls, garage space for car enthusiast Sam as well as a comfortable man-cave/gym.


Sam and Cara enrolled their daughters, Allegra and Alexis, into Overnewton at Keilor, a short drive away


“Sherwood Grange is  a really good area – mountains, valleys, five minutes to the shops and we can get the girls to school with a 10-minute drive,” says Sam.