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The Care Factor

“Nurses, teachers and carers are crucial in making Victoria such a great place to live. That’s why it’s so important they have the chance to live near their work, particularly as our outer suburbs grow. Through its care worker support program, Villawood is supporting those who work so hard for us all.” – Premier Daniel Andrews

No-one’s been on the frontline over the past year like our care workers. Our nurses and paramedics, police and firefighters, our teachers and personal carers have proven time and again that they’re the very backbone of the community.

Villawood’s Care Worker Support Program guarantees Care Workers exclusive access to 20% of all new releases of land at $20,000 less than the listed price. This exclusive program enjoys the fulsome support of the care community as well as Premier Daniel Andrews.

Villawood’s Care Worker Support Program

For all the critical roles they play, many care workers struggle to earn enough to join the property market, to enjoy the great Australian dream of home ownership. Hard research backs their concerns.

Australia Bureau of Statistics figures have shown the wages of vital care workers could be as far as $21K below the average annual income. PricewaterhouseCoopers has suggested as many as 79 per cent of care workers – four in every five – don’t believe they will ever own their own home.

Low wages and poor prospects of home ownership don’t encourage newcomers to many important care worker jobs. So the Care Worker Support Program offers an important contribution to the community. Caring for carers just makes sense.

$20K in Savings

Nurses, police officers, paramedics, teachers and firefighters, personal carers and other essential service workers are wonderful contributors to the community. They make for great neighbours and friends, and they help bring an air of security to Villawood’s communities.

The $20K saving and selected lots for care workers make a real difference in their ability to achieve the financial security of owning their own home. It eases some of the pressure in what are often already stressful careers. And it helps people access the great Villawood lifestyle.

Villawood’s Care Worker Support Program

Villawood Properties, with a community imperative intrinsic to all its projects, has stepped into the breach with $20K savings, and one in five blocks set aside, for care workers.

Villawood’s Care Worker Support Program is a great initiative for the residential housing sector, and it resonates across health and essential service sectors.

Care workers, like anyone else, need somewhere to live. The lifestyle Villawood provides, however, is that bit different in that its holistic nature helps these important people live more comfortably and undertake their often high-pressure occupations better and more effectively.

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