12th March 2019

Villawood Lifts Care Worker Land Price Cuts to $20,000

Villawood Properties is expanding its ground-breaking care worker program to offer a $20,000 price cut per lot, while reserving one in five blocks in its new releases for care workers.

Villawood is also raising the eligibility threshold to $85,000 per individual and $135,000 per couple to make the program more accessible for vital community care workers such as police, nurses, firefighters and more.

“Giving care workers the certainty that they will be able to live near where they work enables them offer better care for the community in growth corridors,” Villawood Executive Director Rory Costelloe said.

“Across the nation, suburbs on the fringe are developing much faster than the inner cities. These areas are the nation’s largest growing employment areas so it stands that we would want to attract highly-qualified care workers as part of this mix.

“We encourage other businesses in the growth areas to make the most of this opportunity to ensure future livability of where their clients and customers will ultimately be living. If they jump in and replicated this care worker support initiative across broader sectors, it’s a win-win.”

Villawood’s Care Worker support program was launched in Geelong in 2018 as an acknowledgement of the crucial role of care workers and to provide tangible assistance to enable care workers to live in the communities where they work, it has since been expanded to Melbourne.

Since it’s inception, Villawood’s communities have become home to nurses, firefighters, teachers, police, paramedics, and personal and aged care workers.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews last year endorsed the care worker initiative.

“When we launched the Care Worker support program in 2018, we wanted to provide people in these roles with greater accessibility to get their foot in the door of the property market,” Mr Costelloe said.

“The market has changed but we still want to have care workers living and working in our communities.

“Villawood creates the best communities in Australia, and that’s as much driven by the people who live in them as it is the water and energy saving initiatives, the resort-style residents club and all amenity that goes into them.

“When you have a good mix of community-minded people who genuinely care about each other and can live close to work, you’ve got the formula for a positive, thriving, successful and most importantly, sustainable community.”

With Victoria’s population steadily growing by more than 100,000 each year, and growth corridors such as Geelong, Wyndham, Casey, Melton and Whittlesea with greatest boom, it is essential that a diverse mix of care worker vocations is available there to meet demand.

Populating the growth corridors with people in care worker fields will determine the future livability of the state.

For Care Worker support program terms and conditions, click here.