10th August 2021

Powering Ahead with Solstice

Rathdowne’s innovative Solstice Precinct microgrid at Wollert is a yet another Villawood Properties and one that is opening the door to securing Victoria’s energy supply via suburban rooftops. The project is a sophisticated solar-powered electricity microgrid linking 36 townhouses and our residents’ Club Rathdowne to a super-sized solar battery.

A collaboration between Villawood, Metricon Townliving, Energy Australia and the Victorian Government, the Solstice microgrid technology will allow its homes to operate off the grid for substantial periods of the day, slashing owners’ energy bills by around 50 per cent. The microgrid will also be able to send electricity back to the main grid, helping keep lights and air-conditioners running elsewhere in Melbourne during high-demand periods such as hot summer days.

Villawood is looking to broaden the technology across other communities as well, with up to 1500 rooftops contributing to energy supply. Solstice’s arrival follows several sustainability breakthroughs by Villawood such as gas-free and 7-Star energy-efficient precincts in its flagship communities and its award-winning Aquarevo at Lyndhurst – Australia’s most water/electricity-efficient mainstream residential community. See More