12th August 2020

More than just kid's play at The Surrounds!

Kid’s play is a bit more than just kid’s play at Villawood.

It’s an important aspect of physical health and mental health, and fundamental to helping kids grow up with a good positive outlook on life.

An interactive bike path is one of the key features of Celadon Park.

Play and playgrounds teach them about nature, coordination, socialising, taking calculated risks.
A healthy lifestyle helps keep anxiety, depression and other mental health issues at bay.

Villawood works hard to ensure all its communities enjoy state-of-the-art playground facilities parents live them too – and the latest to take possession of one of these is The Surrounds with our Celadon Park.

Kitted out with the latest multi-age and all-ability play equipment including a spinner, orb climb and interactive bike path, Celadon Park will help local children stay connected to the outdoors.


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