9th June 2021

A Safe Bet at Alamora - Our 100th Purchaser

Security, value, quality and reputation led Sarthak Kanwar, wife Anupama and son Saamved to Villawood Properties’ Alamora in Melbourne’s west.

High in the considerations of the Tarneit project’s 100th purchasers were the owner-occupier nature of Alamora buyers as well as the multiple attractions of gym, pool, café and social hubs within its Residents’ Club.

For security-conscious parents of young kids, it’s not just the features of the club that stand out but also the safety and savings Alamora offers, says Sarthak.

“You want your kids in the company of other kids who they see at school, you want to know who they’re hanging out with,” he says. “My son is seven now, in five years he’ll be a teenager and he’ll want to go to slumber parties – if I know whose house he’s at, I’ll know he’s safe.”

Sarthak and Anupama are looking to start building a five-bedroom two-storey home on Aragon Road as soon as their lot titles, later this year. They’re excited about moving from their present home at Williams Landing and keen to make use of the nearby club.

“It’s close, so you don’t have to drive to go to the gym, just go to the club. And if you have all these things, the café and so on, close to your house – the parks, primary school, the station – it’s the lifestyle you’re after. As the parent of a seven-year-old, they were the main drawcards for us.”

Sarthak agrees on the financial savings of using the club: no public gym fees, no public pool/spa costs, no set-up or maintenance costs for similar facilities in the home, savings on the build-size of the home …

“If you want you use public spas and pools, they’re often full and the cost of gym memberships is through the roof and you probably won’t use them anyway,” he says.

“Plus I won’t be meeting strangers but my next door neighbours. Your neighbours will also encourage, they’ll pull you out to go to gym.

“Also, if there aren’t strangers, there’s a sense of security, that there are good people there – it’s not like just anyone coming in off the street.”

Sarthak’s familiar with the community building inherent to the club model. His parents live in a setting with exercise and sport facilities, and a WhatsApp group similar to Villawood’s intranet Facebook groups to message and invite one other to activities and social catch-ups.

He appreciates, too, the security aspect that extends to protecting your investment with Villawood’s guidelines maintaining the integrity of Alamora’s urban planning. He’s also taken a good look at the UDIA award-winning Alamanda at nearby Point Cook to see just what happens in a masterplanned Villawood community.

“We had really good word mouth about Alamora,” he says.

That word of mouth also led to his friend buying on Aragon as well – right across the road. Now that’s instant community!