14th September 2021

Hopping to it at Sherwood Grange

“We wanted something which was close enough to the city and provided a small-town country feel. Sherwood Grange and Sunbury seemed like the perfect fit.”

So say Ramnik Singh and Juhi Sondhi, who bought at Sherwood Grange online from Dubai.

Small-town feel, sure, but it was the kangaroos hopping by in the background of a video Raine & Horne’s Lisa Venturini sent them that really helped make up their mind.

“Nature was a big attraction. Probably the most important. We appreciate the beauty that nature brings. We would like to live in a community that believes in respecting nature,” the couple say.

They’ve just returned to Melbourne, quarantining in Perth, from the Middle East. Juhi’s lived in Dubai for more than 10 years, working with Emirates, and is set to then start a new practice as an energy healer. Ramnik lived in Dubai for four years and is now working as a technology consultant in Melbourne’s CBD.

“Juhi grew up in Melbourne. She and her family moved to Australia from India 25-plus years ago. We had plans to relocate to Melbourne when we wanted to start a family,” says Ramnik.

“We love nature and felt that Sunbury offers close enough proximity to the city and lots of nature. It was probably the most important factor in our decision to buy at Sherwood Grange. We appreciate the beauty that nature brings. We would like to live in a community that believes in respecting nature.”

Lot size and price were the other key factors.

“We looked at lots that were cheaper but they didn’t have the nature appeal like Sherwood. Also, pre-Covid, I was travelling quite a bit. Proximity to the airport was the other attraction,” Ramnik says

Ramnik and Juhi’s 721sqm lot is set to title mid-2022. They want to build a two-level home, something that brings nature indoors.

“Our lot has a clear view of the Emu Bottom reserve and we would like that to be seen from every angle of the house. I haven’t quite thought of the kind of build but it’s definitely not going to be the cookie-cutter type homes you see everywhere these days.”

Online sales have become more common in the age of Covid but they can still be challenging, especially if you’re living overseas, say Ramnik and Judi.

“We were in Dubai when we made the deal and as you can expect it was quite stressful having to invest in something we’ve never seen before.

“But Lisa was very helpful and, overall, we were pleased with her support and the whole process.”

And the kangaroos, too.