6th September 2021

Double Trouble a Dry July Winner

Alyce Matthies knows there’s nothing like a good two-for-one deal. In fact, it seems she has a special skill for doubling down which pays regular dividends.

When she saw Villawood boss Rory Costelloe offering to match, dollar-for-dollar, contributions to Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer in the recent Dry July campaign, she figured her $50 could be worth $100. Alyce’s grandmother had been through the Andrew Love Centre twice so she was more than happy to help out.

But when her name was pulled out of a hat by Cats legend Billy Brownless at the Dry July final count, she was doubly happy to find she’d won a framed Cats jumper with all the 2021 team’s signatures.

Like Rory, Alyce has a double football allegiance – the hometown Geelong Cats and St Kilda.

“Spider Everitt stole my heart when I was a young girl,” she confesses.

These days, it’s more likely Tom Hawkins might be the pin-up but he’ll still be a good distance beside Alyce’s Armstrong family – hubbie Daley, seven-year-old Harry and, wait for it, her two two-year-old twins, Sophie and Lily.

And what a daily double  they are, they’re identical.

“I can tell them apart now but we had to keep  the hospital bracelets on them for a while,” she says.