23rd September 2021

Raising the Bar at Rathdowne

Villawood’s Rathdowne community at Wollert is one of the most attractive new greenfield developments in Victoria. This 1000-lot Wollert project is rapidly proving itself the jewel of Melbourne’s north with an ongoing torrent of sales and inquiries as its extraordinary amenity and infrastructure takes shape.

Designed to set a new level of quality greenfields living, Rathdowne draws on twin streams of inspiration from Carlton’s Rathdowne Street with its chic inner-suburban lifestyle and strong migrant culture. Villawood’s Rathdowne is home to a similar tapestry of immigrant arrivals seeking new lifestyles. With its incomparable range of features, it is showing the buyers and competitors alike that premium greenfields with top-end attributes are what the market wants.

Think full amenity, sustainability, open space, 20-minute walking access to everything you need. This is where new residential projects will need to be in future and yet, at Rathdowne, this is just the starting point. The exclusive $7 million Club Rathdowne, a $40 million community-focussed town centre with breathtaking hanging gardens and amphitheatre, a ground-breaking and bill-busting Solstice Microgrid, brilliant public art, expansive parks and wetlands, schools, childcare, elegant tree-lined avenues – collectively these raise the bar to a point where other residential projects are incomparable.

Little wonder, then, that every Rathdowne release sees a rush of buyers all but knocking down the sales office door, or trying to crash the internet. And little wonder, too, Rathdowne set an all-time record for the Good Friday Appeal’s Charity Auction Home, fetching a staggering $903K.

Villawood’s Rathdowne. Yes, it really is this good.  And seriously, do you really want anything less than the best?

Click here for more: https://villawoodproperties.com.au/community/rathdowne/