29th March 2024

Alamora Charity House Raises $1.11M For The Royal Children's Hospital


A record total of $1,110,000 will go to improving the health of Royal Children’s Hospital kiddies after the Good Friday Appeal home was sold under the auctioneer’s hammer today at Villawood’s Alamora community in Tarneit.

Mohish Waitha and Sonam Pala are the proud new owners of the magnificent, fully furnished and 7-star Lily 352-D38 by Henley Homes after a marathon, nail-biting 40-plus bids, no-reserve auction in front of 800 people.

The knockout family home, land and all the furniture were donated by Henley Homes, Villawood and more than 100 tradies and suppliers, and sold by REIV Auctioneer of the Year Greg Brydon, in an exciting family carnival event.

Winning bidders Mohish and Sonam were thrilled with the outcome and are now not only the proud owners of a beautiful family home but also know that all proceeds go to The Royal Children’s Hospital.

The auction was Villawood’s 15th for the GFA, raising a total of more than $11million for the Royal Children’s over the journey.

Check out some of the fun highlights from Auction Day below!