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Stage 42

In February footpath and vehicle crossover construction and lot grading will be completed.  Final construction works including asphalting will be completed in early March.  Compliance activities will then begin. Titles are expected in early April 2020.  Site conditions in Stage 42 can be viewed here:  http://www.cloud9.camera/armstrong2.

Stage 40A (Lots 4017 to 4033, Lots 4049 to 4052)

Construction works are complete.  Compliance audits will be completed this week.  Titles are expected to be available in late February/early March 2020.

Stage 40 (Lots 4001 to 4013 and Lots 4034 to 4042)

Kerb and channel and electrical services will be completed in February.  Footpaths and vehicle crossovers will follow for completion in March.  Title forecast continues to be June 2020 after completion of works in late April 2020.

Stage 40B Lots 4043 to 4048, and Lots 4013 to 4016

Construction is in conjunction with Stage 40.  Title forecast is June 2020 after completion of works in late April 2020.

Stage 44

Kerb and channel and electrical installation have been completed.  Footpath and driveway construction will commence in February and be completed in March.  All works are forecast to be completed in May with titles are expected in June 2020.

Stage 45

Major services and road base preparation have been completed.  Road pavement construction will commence this month, followed by kerb and channel completion in March.  Construction is currently programmed to be completed in June 2020 with Titles available in August 2020.

Stage 48

Kerb and channel have been completed.  Electrical services will be completed this month, after which footpaths will be completed in March.  Completion of the subdivision is programmed for mid to late April 2020.  Titles are currently forecast for June 2020.

Stage 63 and Stage 64

All works are complete.  The final audits and inspections will be completed in February.  Titles are expected in March.

Stage 43

Earthworks and sewer have been completed.  Drainage, water and gas installation will be completed in February. Road pavement works will commence in March.  Titles remain forecast for the December quarter of 2020.


Stage 6A

Asphalt placement has been completed.  Completion of the stage is forecast for mid February 2020 with titles expected the following month, March 2020.

Stage 6B

Sewer and road drainage have been completed.  Water and gas services will be completed this month.  Construction is programmed for completion in July with Titles are expected available in late August / early September 2020.