30th April 2024

A Life-Changing Trek

Production team True South Film has just released a video of Geelong Youth Engagement’s 2023 trek across New Guinea’s steamy Kokoda Track – highlighting the drama, challenges and rewarding outcomes of what is a life-changing program for at-risk teens.

Commissioned by the Villawood Foundation, it is a riveting insight into the lives and trials of GYE’s young charges as they negotiate the steep and steamy hills and rivers and rugged paths of the historic Kokoda Track.

Geelong Youth Engagement, which the Foundation supports each year, is achieving remarkable results with its Kokoda treks.

Headed by former policeman Andy Brittain, GYE runs Kokoda treks twice a year for up to 24 young people. These are challenging, to say the least, but with the hands-on assistance of community mentors, who complete the trek as well, the treks are significant and life-changing events for these young people.

The outcomes are heart-warming and emotional but, more importantly, their steadying influence is of far-reaching effect for these young people and their unfolding futures.

Villawood Executive Director Rory Costelloe undertook the GYE Kokoda trek last year and returned home a sworn, if leg-weary, devotee of the program and its many benefits.

We’re delighted to announce Villawood’s Victorian General Manager Andrew Duggan, inspired by Rory’s efforts – and also the drive, energy and positivity of Andy Brittain’s and other GYE staff – has signed on for Kokoda 2024.

Geelong Youth Engagement knows well the value of people giving back. Its young people, its trekkers, are doing so already in so many ways – ­ making the efforts of Andrew and others like him a self-perpetuating example of community sustainability.

To view the full, inspiring 7 minute video visit – https://youtu.be/gaiaP9lVZvc

For more information on Geelong Youth Engagement’s Kokoda Program visit – https://geelongyouthengagement.org.au/geelong-kokoda-youth-program/