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Purchaser Update May 2021

We are happy to advise that we have just received SOC for lots 602A&B and 608 A&B. Lodgement packages are prepared and finalised. We anticipate individual Titles to be issued 14 days after lodgement.

Your solicitor or finance broker is notified once Titles have been issued and will arrange for settlement. Once settlement has occurred, your land is ready for you to commence the construction of your new home!

Alcock Road

Villawood understands that the community is concerned with the speed limit along Alcock Road in front of Garrang Wilam Primary School. Villawood has been advised that Wyndham City Council is currently working with VicRoads to install school zone signs in the area and will be constructing a pedestrian crossing in front of the school this month. We are also working with Wyndham City Council on solutions to help increase the safety of this area.

We will continue to provide updates and work together to ensure this area is safe for all our community



Villawood would like to give you an update on ongoing landscape and construction at Albright:


Stages 1 and 2

Villawood would like to remind residents that whilst maintenance of street trees in these stages has been handed to Council, the responsibility for nature strip maintenance sits with the residents.

Please ensure you regularly mow and maintain the nature strip at the front of your house, along with the side nature strip if you live on a corner.


Stage 3

As part of the development of Stage 3 of Albright, Villawood Properties was required to plant street trees and turf the nature strips.

There was a requirement for these landscape works to be maintained by Villawood for 2 years, after which time maintenance responsibilities for trees would be handed to Council, while responsibility for nature strip maintenance would revert to the resident.

This two-year maintenance period by Villawood has now come to an end.

Villawood Properties would like to remind you of your responsibility to regularly maintain your nature strip by mowing the lawn and removing any rubbish.

Stages 4 and 5

As previously communicated, the seeding of nature strips in Stages 4 and 5 did not take and Villawood organised to re-do the nature strips.

The grass has now established and our contractor will mow the nature strips in the next fortnight. After this mow, we ask the residents to make sure that they regularly mow their nature strip.  Villawood will continue to care for the street trees.


Stages 6 and 7

Similar to Stages 4 and 5, the seeding of the nature strips in stages 6 and 7 did not take

and Villawood organised these to be re-done.

The grass has now established and our contractor will mow the nature strips in the next fortnight. After this mow, we ask the residents to make sure that they regularly mow their nature strip.  Villawood will continue to care for the street trees.


Stage 8

Our contractors have installed the street trees in Stage 8 and have commenced with landscaping the walkway between Scorpio Crescent and Evandale Drive, and landscaping of the park south of Evandale Drive next to the waterway. This second park includes fitness equipment. Works are anticipated to be completed in July.


Waterways adjacent to Fielding Drive and Evandale Drive

Our contractors have recently slashed all weeds and removed rubbish in the waterways along the eastern side of Albright in preparation of landscaping works beginning on site.

Landscape was forecast to start in February but was delayed due to concerns about existing site levels and soil quality. Minor rectification works have been complete to assist with this.

Landscaping works have begun grading of imported topsoil and  concreting. Jute mat will be installed along the creek bed to allow for some planting along the creek. Planting will also take place in the creek in some areas, and trees and garden beds will be planted along the shared path.


Vacant lots

Villawood would like remind owners of vacant lots of their obligations to maintain their lots, including putting up fencing to prevent rubbish dumping, regular mowing to keep grass low.

Owners are also reminded of their obligations to start construction within 18 months of settlement of their land.

Villawood will no longer maintain others private property. It is the responsibility of all land owners to care and maintain their own land at their own cost.


We will continue to provide regular updates on the above works but if you have any questions please contact Madeleine via email at madeleine.lewis@villawoodproperties.com


Primary School Open!

Villawood welcomes the new students and members of staff at Garrang Wilam Primary School! We hope all students and staff had a great start to the school year.

Natalie Nelson is the new Principal and is still accepting enrolments for Prep to Year 6. Please see this link for details on how to contact Natalie to organise enrolment for your child.

For further information regarding the primary school, please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GarrangWilamPrimarySchool/

Sports Ovals Coming Soon!

Council is expected to begin construction of the Active Open Space in late 2020. The open space will include a cricket oval, soccer pitches, netball courts and pavilion, as well as BBQ facilities and an informal oval and walking paths. It is expected to be completed by mid 2022.


Integrated Family Centre

Council’s Integrated Family Centre is forecast to begin construction in mid 2021. This facility will include a Kindergarten and a Council run Child Care Centre and will be co-located next to the Primary School and the Active Open Space. The centre is expected to be completed by early 2022.


Great news! This stage has had titles registered at the Titles Office. Your conveyancer or solicitor has been notified and can arrange for settlement. Once this has occurred your land is ready for you to commence the construction of your new home!