24th October 2019

Explore the Award Winning Aquarevo House

South East Water’s 8-star Aquarevo House has been recognised for its leading-edge technology and eco-friendly design at this year’s Master Builders Association of Victoria Excellence in Housing Awards.

Arden Homes submitted Aquarevo House for the “Best Sustainable Home under $750,000” award and its win is a testament that modern sustainable living does not have to come at a premium.  The cost of building the Arden designed Aquarevo House is from $398,000, plus the cost of land.

Designed and built by Arden Homes and commissioned by our partner South East Water, the Aquarevo House showcases the integrated fit-for-purpose water management system which is in every home at Aquarevo.  The intelligent integration of recycled and rainwater into the residential plumbing system will reduce the community’s reliance on drinking water by up to 70 per cent.

The Aquarevo House on Boland Drive was officially launched in August by the Hon. Lisa Neville, Minister for Water.  At the time, the Minister said Aquarevo House “tells us a story about what is possible in the way we work with and live with water, particularly in a reduced water environment, it changes the way we live our lives, in such an easy way, that makes a substantial difference.”

South East Water will continue to use the Aquarevo House for ongoing research and development, as well as education.

If you would like to explore the South East Water’s 8-star Aquarevo House, we’re delighted to invite you to the upcoming open day on Saturday 16th November.

Step inside and see for yourself the cutting edge water and energy technology which is being rolled out across the Aquarevo community, a joint development between Villawood Properties and South East Water.

Aquarevo house features materials made from 100 per cent recycled soft drink plastic bottles, an all-electric heating and cooling system powered by the sun, and water efficient systems that consume up to 70 per cent less water and up to 50 per cent less energy than the average household.

There will be coffee and food in the Aquarevo Discovery Centre along with a children’s fun activity outside the house.

Bookings are essential, so please register below: