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Construction Update

During construction, there are many steps that need to be completed for stages to title, and not all of them are visible on site. We work with a range of consultants and contractors to co-ordinate planning, approvals and audits to see your stage progress to issue of titles behind the scenes. Please see below updates for each individual Stage.

August 2019

Stage 1

Stage 1 is now complete, and titles were issued in May 2019! Landscaping of the streetscapes will take place in August 2019. We are extremely excited to have completed the first stage of the project, and look forward to seeing the Wandana community take shape upon the construction of the very first homes.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is made up of multiple complex construction projects, as well as the delivery of 27 residential lots.

The residential component of Stages 4 works is largely complete, with the site team having recently finalised installation of drainage pipes and pits, road layers and subgrade improvements, installation of water, gas, communications and electrical services, and concreting of the kerbs and footpaths. The only outstanding items are installation of the final layer of asphalt, topsoiling, and various Council maintenance tracks.

The other construction projects within Stage 4, which must be completed prior to statement of compliance, include: –

  • Sewer pump station and rising main; which is now complete, and is undergoing testing and commissioning,
  • Two wetland retarding basins; with earthworks now complete, and site team are currently installing complex gabion regarding basin wall structures,
  • VicRoads noise wall; with plans only recently approved in late July 2019, which is significantly later the forecast by the project team, earthworks will take place in August 2019, and noise wall construction will take place until October 2019

Protracted approvals processes associated the completed components of Stage 4, as well as recent challenges completing wetland earthworks and gabion construction through the wetter months of the year, have made it difficult for the site team to remain on programme and have caused some project delays.

Practical completion of Stage 4 is anticipated first week of September 2019 (previously forecast as last week of July 2019). Following practical completion the site team will commence the testing and audits of underground infrastructure, which can often take between four to six weeks, making it likely that statement of compliance will be issued in October 2019. The completion and commissioning of the sewer pump station, wetland retarding basins, and noise wall, will also be required for statement of compliance, which is forecast to coincide with this forecast.

In light of the above timeframes, titles for Stage 4 will likely be issued early November, 2019.

Stage 3

Stage 3 includes the delivery of 29 lots as well as the careful removal and realignment of significant underground water and electrical infrastructure.

Construction commenced earlier this year, and the team has since completed stripping and bulk earthworks, and around 20% of the sewer, drainage pipes, and drainage pits. Although all construction plans are approved, there is limited works that can be completed beyond this point until an existing underground electrical line is removed by the electrical authority. An application to have this electrical line removed was lodged in early 2019, and the electrical authority has only been able to confirm that works will be completed prior to August 30, 2019. We are continuing to liaise closely with all authorities on a regular basis, and hope to have the electrical works completed earlier than the forecast date.

The site team is able to continue the construction of retaining walls in the meantime, and will soon commence some road earthworks which will be coordinated around the anticipated electrical removal date of late August 2019.

With an aim to have all construction works complete in 2019, with only audits and testing to take place in 2020, the current Stage 3 titles remain forecast for February, 2020.

Stage 5

Stage 5 construction commenced in June 2019, and the team are working through bulk earthworks and stripping, construction of drainage pipes, pits and sewer. Stage 5 also includes a wetland retarding basin, which is well under construction with bulk earthworks complete, and the installation of gabion retaining walls underway, being completed with the wetland retarding basins within Stage 4. Also, some of the Stage 5 infrastructure has already been completed as part of the Stage 3 and 4 works due to some shared infrastructure.

The Stage 5 titles will closely follow Stage 3 works, with titles forecast for April 2020. The titles were forecast as February 2020 on the previous update, however, with site delays due to approvals and wet weather effecting Stages 4 and Stage 3 construction programmes, this has had an impact on the Stage 5 programme moving forward.

Drewan Park

Throughout the construction of the Wandana community, Villawood will also be working with Council to complete upgrade works to the existing Drewan Park. The park will have a makeover which includes new planting and path network, play equipment, picnic facilities, as well as a new shelter and public restrooms. The plans for the upgrade works have been approved by Council and will commence in Spring 2019, with an anticipated opening of early 2020!