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Slope isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity

From hilly San Francisco to cliff-side Positano, the top end of town has always quite literally been at the top of a hill.

Sloping landscapes are not to be feared, they offer breathtaking views and produce stunning architectural home designs which results in neighbourhoods with true character.

When people build these extraordinary homes they rarely let them go, establishing a genuine community of proud owner-occupiers.

What is a Sloping Block of Land?

A sloping block is a block of land with uneven levels of elevation. Different types of slope include down slope, up slope, side slope and rolling slope.

Building a home on a sloping block of land will often result in a split-level home design. Split-level homes offer interesting and unique designs, and can therefore appear luxurious compared with most homes built on flat land.

Why Build on a Sloping Block?

Building at WANDANA offers a wide array of advantages that common flat block sites cannot, including: –

  • Unique architectural home designs result in neighbourhoods with true character
  • An opportunity for stunning elevated views
  • Designs with exclusive features such as rooftop balconies, outdoor pools, mezzanine levels, layered gardens
  • Higher positioned homes can effectively capture light
  • Enhanced ventilation (capture of prevailing breezes) resulting in decreased energy bills
  • Elevated properties generally deliver greater price increases over time.

Choose the Right Builder

When it comes to choosing the right builder for your sloping lot, custom is key. Many of the larger, volume builders create home designs suited to flat blocks of land, and altering their floor plans can be challenging or not possible.

Custom builders will work with you to deliver a design outcome that considers the landscape, suits your needs and is totally unique!

Working Closely With Your Custom Builder Will Assist You With: –

  • Identifying the type of slope
  • Finding designs specifically suited to this type of slope
  • Adapting your nominated house design – work with the lay of the land and not against it!
  • Base costings on your proposed building area, not the entire block (the entire block may have a slope of 6m, however, the proposed building area may only be 3m)
  • Use of lightweight steel options (least degree of cost variation relating to changes in site condition) such as LiteSteel Beam
  • Cut and fill with split-level slabs
  • Additional floor levels which maximise floor space used vertically which can limit your building footprint and thus save you additional costs.

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Therefore a clever design that fits your lifestyle and how you live is incredibly important. Below is a list of local Geelong custom builders who have extensive experience in building on slope. Visit the Wandana Sales Office today for information on available land and which local builder can service you the best.