10th January 2020

Kids' Play, Read All About It

Kids need to get out and play, that’s the latest Geelong Ring Road message.

The timing of Villawood Properties’ latest Wandana social messaging is aimed at keeping outside activity front of mind over the summer holidays.

With more and more kids facing physical and mental health problems, the time-honoured activity of outside play is more important than ever.

“Play is a fundamental part of childhood,” said Villawood executive director Rory Costelloe. “Kids need places where they can run, jump, tumble, sweat and connect to natural elements.

“Kids need to run around in more natural settings. They need to be able to play in dirt and be exposed to outdoor bacteria, which can improve resistance and help avoid food allergies.

“They need to get their heart rate up and reduce the massive strain on the public health system caused by diseases such as asthma, allergies and obesity.”

The Wandana giant corten letters have been used by Villawood to highlight a variety of social causes including respect, mental health, driver safety, refugees, the Vote Yes campaign and the Geelong Cats.

Mr Costelloe said the latest message was important given the lure of iPads, online games, Xboxes and other consoles, mobile phones and computers.

“These can be quite detrimental to the healthy physical and mental development of young people,” he said.

“A disturbing range of problems are emerging as a result. Kids are overweight, lacking in physical co-ordination and skills, withdrawn, poor communicators, depressed … the list goes on.”

By contrast, kid’s play was a great teacher, Mr Costelloe said.

“It provides experience and that certain amount of risk that helps develop skills and strength,” he said.

“It imbues an appreciation of a healthy lifestyle, it encourages curiosity, and it teaches important social skills.

“So play is, in fact, serious. But most importantly, from kids’ perspective it’s also serious fun.”

High-level playgrounds are signature stock in trade with Villawood Properties projects.

Villawood’s multi-million-dollar Bunjil’s Nest adventure park at Armstrong Mount Duneed is one of the best in the country and presents exciting challenges and fun for kids.

Wandana’s new Drewan Park, soon to be constructed in a million-dollar initiative, will be another signature Villawood playground designed especially to keep kids engaged and healthy.