10th February 2020

Care Factor The Deciding Factor


Tarnya Moor – Coridale Careworker

Villawood’s care worker discount continues to draw vital human resources into its new communities, including Lara’s new Coridale.

The $20K price cut was precisely what turned disability support worker Tarnya Moor’s head from other local land developments – well, that and the Club Coridale residents’ club, parks, shopping, nearby township and more.

Tarnya had been casting about Geelong and the Surf Coast before turning north to Lara where she had family and friends living.

“I’d been thinking about buying for a while then I saw the care workers’ $20K,” she says.

“I think it’s a great idea that helps get a good community with nurses and teachers and others. It’s quite a family thing, a nice idea, I jumped on it.

“I work all over Geelong and the Surf Coast, from Lethbridge to Lara and Anglesea – so I can travel to work quite fine from Lara,” she says.

“I’d been looking around all over Geelong. I was looking at Manzeene in Lara. My family have lived in Lara all their lives.

“Then I saw Coridale and the $20K care worker discount, and the residents’ club. They told me what else they were planning there. It’s awesome.”

Tarnya’s work as a disability support carer includes clients chiefly with the Transport Accident Commission.