2nd March 2021

Alamora: Location, location, location

Executive Director Tony Johnson tells why Villawood elected to develop at Alamora

Tony Johnson and Lifetime Achievement Award from the Urban Development Institute of Australia

It’s always interesting to know why we buy paddocks and why we develop up our estates but this particular one was a real interesting situation.

We have a history in Wyndham, a very strong history, but we saw an opportunity to lift the bar. We are going to do our traditional club model. Every time we do a club, we do it better and if you want to see a great showcase just visit our Club Armstrong at Geelong’s Armstrong Creek.

Club Alamora

The thing that really interested me about Tarneit, over the next five to 10 years, is its new soccer stadium. Less than one kilometre to the north of Alamora is a large parcel of land owned by the City of Wyndham. They’re going to do a world-class soccer stadium. But it’s not just a soccer stadium, it’s going to be a sports centre, a health precinct, and immediately in front of that will be a massive new town centre. It’s a brand new concept. It’s going to employ people, it’s going to be very exciting.

To think that in maybe three or four years, as a resident of Alamora, you can actually walk to an iconic stadium is quite mind-blowing.

Wyndham Stadium

I don’t see Tarneit as an outer suburban or greenfield any more. Tarneit is now in-fill, there’s not much land left. You only have about five years supply of land left in Tarneit and it’s all over.