2nd March 2021

4000 Wyndham Homes and Stronger than Ever

Villawood’s Executive Director Rory Costelloe

Executive Director Rory Costelloe explains Villawood’s Tarneit presence and reputation …

Alamora is Villawood Properties’ fifth project in Sayers Road. We did the very first project in Tarneit ever. We wanted to call it Hoppers Crossing because no-one had ever heard of Tarneit. Obviously, that’s changed in the last 20 years.

There was nothing at all to Sayers Road, just grass and cows on it. But there were all these people who had been first home buyers in Hoppers Crossing in the previous 20 years and they wanted to upgrade and they needed somewhere to upgrade to.

Following St James Wood, we moved on to Seasons, Claremont Park, Orchard Place, Albright and Evadene. We’ve delivered 4000 lots in the last 20 years in Wyndham and we have another 2000 to go.

We’ve had a couple of hundred groups each weekend coming into the sales office who  don’t need to be told the Villawood story because we’ve been in the area so long. They already know the story – a lot of people from our old projects in Tarneit coming to upgrade and also people from Alamanda, which has been a tremendous success for such a long time.

Alamora Purchasers

When you do a development where you have occupiers and not investors, the parents and people care about their streets, they care about their schools and their neighbourhood.

We named this Alamora as a sister to Alamanda. Our experience to date is everyone’s really excited that Villawood’s coming to lift the standard of what’s happening in Tarneit and invigorate Tarneit as a great suburb.