5th June 2020

Liv a happy HomeBuilder

Liv Niewand was one very happy camper at Villawood’s Wandana as she signed on for a dream ‘Life at its Peak’ lot just as the Federal Government announced its HomeBuilders initiative.

Like many other buyers, and renovators, Liv and her partner, Ipy Killimbe, will pick up $25K toward their new home above Highton.

Liv met up with Villawood’s Rory Costelloe as Senator Sarah Henderson spruiked the new Canberra initiative aimed at boosting construction and hastening a post-Covid economic recovery.

“It’s very exciting,” Liv said. “I can’t wait to get there and get it all started.

Liv said the grant would make a “huge difference”.

“It’s obviously a challenging time at the moment,” she said.

“But it gives us the confidence we can get what we want and hopefully have a great outcome.”

Rory also welcomed the HomeBuilders initiative, saying:

“We’ve been finding a number of buyers had been holding back, waiting on rumours of an assistance package so we’re really pleased it’s been announced and look forward to the extra demand it will create.

“This encourages jobs in the construction industry, which is the biggest employer in this state and the single biggest generator of tax revenue for the government.”