11th April 2018

Villawood and South East Water set to slash household water use at Aquarevo

Villawood Properties plans to cut mains water use by up to 70 per cent at homes in the Aquarevo development in southeast Melbourne it is developing with utility South East Water.

The development on the site of the former Cranbourne Treatment Plant in Lyndhurst, will minimise the use of potable water by using rain water tanks to supply hot water to the the 460 dwellings and also recycle water on site for use in the residents’ toilets and gardens.

In addition, the household water tanks within the 42-hectare site for which the developer first disclosed plans in 2014, will be controlled by technology allowing them to work as flood retardant barriers. Ahead of a predicted storm, the storage tanks will be emptied, allowing them to absorb roof water and prevent it running off into the street and drainways.