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Intelligent Living.

Villawood Properties and South East Water have collaborated on Aquarevo, to show that there’s a better way to use water at home – without losing the health and liveability that water offers.

Every Aquarevo home will be plumbed with three types of water: drinking water, recycled water and rainwater. Just turn on the tap or press the button and you’re making the most out of all available water sources – reducing your home’s reliance on drinking water for uses that don’t require it. Why flush drinking water down the toilet?


60 million litres of water will be saved each year. This is equivalent to 24 Olympic- sized pools or 1.2 million showers

More than one water source

Drinking, rain and class – A – Recycled water are used throughout every Aquarevo home


We’re helping create a better future by giving eligible Aquarevo purchasers a BONUS 5kw Sonnen battery

This will save 1,460 tonnes of CO2 each year, equivalent to taking almost 300 cars off the road in one year*


Each home will feature a rainwater tank with Tank Talk technology. It receives weather forecasts, then releases water from the rainwater tank into the storm water system before rain is due. This means there is always room in the tank to capture new rainfall. It also reduces run – off onto properties or streets, and minimise the risk of floodingin local waterways

^Compared to the average household & without any rainwater or recycled water.

*Energy savings as advised by Bristile Roofing. Potential bill reduction when you combine the required 3kw solar PV system with the bonus 5kw battery. Savings calculations are based on the average energy use for a four-person house in Victoria with electricity rates of 26.43c/kWh and export rates of 11c/kWh. Average sun hours after losses are assumed to be 3.8 and average number of cycles per day for battery is 1.7. The offer is for a limited time only and applicable to new Aquarevo purchasers in Stages 5 to 9 (resales are not eligible).