20th March 2024

Oakden Rise Owners Day Stage 1

We Took Some Time To Celebrate

Stage 1 Purchaser Event at Oakden Rise

We were delighted to celebrate our inaugural Block Walk – Meet The Neighbours Event at Oakden Rise last weekend.

It was beautiful sunny morning, the atmosphere was full of joy, wonder and lots of smiles as our maidan purchasers walked their block, and celebrated the much-anticipated settlement of land to fulfil their great Australian dream of homeownership.

The Development Team enjoyed answering questions and assisting our future purchasers to ensure a seamless transition to the next phase with on-site guided tours, whilst providing valuable insights into overall progress of the project. There were also lots of coffee, bubbles, and cannoli from the team at Cannoli Box Co to be enjoyed, making it a memorable celebration.

Beyond marking the start of their building journey, this special event further fostered the connection of community with future neighbours exchanging contact information, taking photos together and excitedly discussing the life they aspire to achieve in this next chapter at Oakden Rise.

As we reflect on the morning, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth of friendships and the development of a strong, vibrant community for a life that’s not just lived, yet celebrated with abundance of JOY!

So, why not come in and see what all the fuss is about for yourself!