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Construction Update – December 2019

Stage 17

Summer is here! With improved site conditions Winslow, our construction team onsite, are making great progress with kerb and channel works as well as service trenching now complete. The focus for the coming month will be on the installation of both electrical and communication services, as well as the commencement of asphalt works. Our current program is still on track to finalise works in early 2020 and to have lots titled by April/May 2020, with settlements targeted to occur in mid to late May.

Stage 17B

We are pleased to advise that stage 17B construction works have commenced. The civil team have made fantastic progress completing bulk earthworks and are now focused on the installation of both sewer and water networks. Our current program has construction targeted for completion in mid-2020.

Delaray Wetlands

Our wetlands are officially complete, and we’re sure you will agree it’s looking fantastic! With warmer weather and longer days, it’s a great time to pop past for a closer look and give the new outdoor exercise equipment a test run.

Vacant Lots

Whilst many lot owner’s homes are currently under construction, or about to commence, there are several vacant lots within Delaray. We remind all purchasers that, as the Landowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your lot is kept clean and tidy and the grass is maintained. The City of Casey distribute Fire Safety Notices and under the City of Casey Community Local Law 2/2010, it is an offence to have grass/weeds exceeding 30 cm in height. At all times throughout the year, grass/weeds must be kept at a maximum length of 10cm. If your lot is currently vacant, we urge you to inspect and undertake maintenance works if required.

Illegal Dumping

Our newest stages under construction are experiencing a high volume of illegal dumping. Whilst we are working hard to ensure the responsible parties are disposing of their rubbish correctly, we need your help. If you witness illegal dumping – rubbish, soil, concrete etc. – please take a photo, download the Snap, Send, Solve app and send through to Council to ensure appropriate action is taken. Alternatively, to stop dumping on your lot, you can erect temporary fencing around your lot until you are ready to build.

Nature Strips

Villawood and the Delaray community both value the well-presented streets and open spaces that exist throughout the community, so it is important that we work together to ensure this standard is maintained. As a Landowner, it is your responsibility to ensure the maintenance of your lot and nature strip post-handover. Please ensure your builder is aware of this requirement so that damage can be avoided and/or rectified.

Anticipated Title Dates:

  • Azzam Release (Stage 17) – April 2020
  • Mejor Release (Stage 17B) – Q3 2020

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