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We give back to you

Each year Villawood supports dozens of community groups, through each of its projects and at a corporate level.  These are generally smaller community groups, that would otherwise escape the attention of other corporate sponsors.

The largest initiative of Villawood’s philanthropic program is the Good Friday Appeal, which is a collaboration with Henley. In 2019 the Good Friday Appeal Charity Home Auction raised $761,000 and every cent was donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Villawood is Caring for the Carers

Melbourne’s surging property prices are making it increasingly difficult for people in the essential services to get into the market.  Villawood’s Care Worker Support Program has been created so that people working in these roles can still afford to buy land  in Villawood projects

Under this initiative, purchasers who are employed as care workers who work within a 10km radius of a Villawood community that they are seeking to buy in, will be eligible for a $20,000 rebate on their block of land.  Villawood devised the Care Workers Support Program so care workers may live and work in the communities they serve.

Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal

For the past decade, Villawood Properties has been a passionate supporter of the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.  Villawood joined project partner Henley in 2009, by donating a block of land in its Alamanda community.  Since then, it has become our largest philanthropic initiative.

The enthusiasm behind the Good Friday Appeal grows each year, because like many Victorians everyone from Henley, Villawood and all the supporting trades and services, has a link or appreciation for the invaluable service the Royal Children’s Hospital provides.  Each year, Villawood staff get behind the cause wholeheartedly and over the past decade their efforts have contributed to raising more than $6 million for the Good Friday Appeal.

The most recent Good Friday Appeal Charity Auction was held at our boutique Delaray community and raised $761,000 – every cent of this sum going to the Royal Children’s Hospital!

Supporting Local Community Groups

Villawood is committed to creating healthy, safe and engaging communities, both within our developments and more broadly through our local clubs and community group relationships and our extensive philanthropic program.  In 2018 Villawood supported hundreds of community groups to a value exceeding more than $1.7 million.

Beyond financial support, Villawood is committed to fostering genuine relationships with local community groups, working closely with them to deliver benefit at a grassroots level.

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