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FAQ | Garden Packages

What is the Garden Collection?

The Garden Collection is a series of front yard landscaping packages designed exclusively for Delaray Waters.


What is included?

Each package includes:

  • Front yard landscape design
  • Trees and plants as specified or substituted as appropriate (plantings may reflect weather conditions at establishment)
  • Turf as specified (not featured in all designs)
  • Irrigation as specified (not featured in all designs)
  • Landscape materials as specified
  • Site quality control
  • Landscape sign-off

What is excluded?

The following items are not included:

  • Construction of retaining walls or concrete pathways.
  • Major variation to design
  • Side or rear landscape
  • Site preparation costs
  • Site levelling
  • Letterbox
  • Rubbish removal prior to landscaping works commence
  • Driveway slabs
  • Materials not specified in designIrrigation (unless specified in design)
  • Fencing

Why are we doing this?

The Garden Collection is designed to add value through improved and more consistent landscaping outcomes in key areas throughout our communities, and though this to improve sales prices and rates in those communities.

In addition to purchasers enjoying front yard landscaping, they can also be confident that a similar quality outcome will be delivered in other key areas throughout the Delaray Waters community.


Who is it for?

Lots where the Garden Collection (front yard landscaping offer) will be included will typically be located around parklands, in premium precincts, and/or other areas where an improved landscaping outcome is desirable (i.e. estate entry, key boulevard, etc).

In most cases, such lots are expected to achieve a premium given their superior amenity and location. This means that such lots are more likely to suit those seeking a more premium outcome.


What are the terms and conditions?

Purchasers will be required to sign a copy of the terms and conditions when they complete their contract documentation, and this should be sent in with the signed contract documentation.

The terms and conditions include (among other things) that a purchaser must:

Purchase an eligible Lot within Delaray Waters;

Within 18 months of the date of registration of the plan of subdivision which created the Lot or such other period as may be advised by Villawood:

  •  Complete construction of a residential dwelling on the selected Lot in accordance with the plans approved by the Design Assessment Panel;
  •  Obtain an Occupancy Permit for the residential dwelling;
  •  Complete all driveways and paths and all service connections;
  •  Make the Lot ready for the installation of the landscaping package by clearing it of all building materials and waste (including gravel and other obstructions) and make it level (with any necessary retaining installed); and
  •  Complete and submit the online application for the offer which can be found at https://villawoodproperties.com.au/community/delaray/delaray-waters-precinct/garden-packages/ in accordance with the instructions outlined.
  • Use the Villawood Properties nominated landscaping contractor for the installation of the front landscaping package; and

Complete the landscaping in accordance with the relevant Design Guidelines.


How does it work?

On completion of your home, purchasers simply log on to https://villawoodproperties.com.au/community/delaray/delaray-waters-precinct/garden-packages/ to select their preferred option and lodge an application on line. They will need to attach a copy of their certificate of occupancy to their application to ensure we have a shared and definitive understanding of exactly what ‘completion of their home’ means.


Can a purchaser receive cash-in-lieu?

No – the offer is for Villawood’s nominated landscaping contractor to deliver front yard landscaping only.


What happens if I have a corner lot?

You will still receive front yard landscaping – i.e. from the ‘front’ of your lot (the shortest frontage) to the front façade of the home. Side boundary landscaping (whether fronting a street or not is not included).


When should purchasers apply?

Purchasers should lodge their application online at https://villawoodproperties.com.au/community/delaray/delaray-waters-precinct/garden-packages/ on completion of their home, keeping in mind that they will need to include a photo/scan of their certificate of occupancy with their application. They must lodge a complying application online within 18 months of the registration of the plan of subdivision for their lot or such other period as may be advised by Villawood.


Who will deliver the front landscaping and when?

The front yard landscaping will be delivered by Villawood’s nominated landscaping contractor.


When will you build my front garden?

Once your new home is built and you achieve your Certificate of Occupancy (COO), you must lodge it via http://delaraywaters.villawoodproperties.com.au/garden-packages. You will then receive notification of an estimated start date.


What do I need to provide and when?

There are key things we will need from you to ensure we can deliver your front yard landscape package – these include:

Requirement: Certificate of Occupancy (COO)

When:              As soon as you receive it

How:                Via https://villawoodproperties.com.au/community/delaray/delaray-waters-precinct/garden-packages/

Requirement:  Final House drawings as shown on your lot.

When:              Please lodge these with your Certificate of Occupancy (COO)

How:                Via https://villawoodproperties.com.au/community/delaray/delaray-waters-precinct/garden-packages/


Why do I need to install conduit under my driveway?
All of the Delaray garden designs include a garden bed which runs alongside the driveway.  In order to set up irrigation to this garden bed, we need to run irrigation pipe under the driveway to connect to the main water source.


What size conduit should I install?
A 40ml conduit will be sufficient.


Who can do this work?
Speak to the contractor who is arranging your driveway and request that they lay the conduit as part of their preparation work.


What if my driveway is already completed?
Irrigation will be installed for all of your garden with the exception of the garden bed alongside the driveway.  This garden bed will need to be hand watered.


How long will it take to build my front garden?

The build for each garden will take approximately three weeks.  It is important to note that this schedule is a guideline only. There are many contributing factors which may impact on the time required to build the front garden.  Things that may impact a build being executed within three weeks include: extreme weather conditions, council interruption, unforeseen site issues and other complicating factors.

This time frame does not extend to any additional works required outside the front yard landscape works.


Can I choose my plants and features?

Due to the scale of the build operation across Delaray Waters, and to ensure the very best service is delivered to your new garden, customers cannot make individual selections of the plants and features.

Villawood reserves the right to make alterations to plants and products within the design due to availability and seasonality restrictions.

In the instance you wish to have plants excluded for any reason – we can do this as long as the request is lodged at the time of Certificate of Occupancy (COO).  All stock excluded will not be replaced.


Can I plant my own plants in the garden?

Once the landscaping is completed and handed over to you, it is yours.  We believe gardens are an ongoing evolution so it is perfectly normal and right that you might want to add plants or other features, or even change the design slightly to suit your own preferences.  This is entirely at your own discretion once the landscaping is completed.


Can I change or alter the garden design?

Homeowners can select one of the four garden designs on offer.  Fleming’s can accommodate minor adjustments to the design but not significant changes.

In the instance should the homeowner wish to have a design consultation to discuss significant changes or additional works, a consultation fee will apply.  The fee is payable prior to the consultation.

Where works are to be carried out over and above the front garden design supplied by Villawood, this consultation fee may be reimbursed.

Fleming’s will provide a quote to the homeowner for additional works on a case by case basis.


Can I change or alter the garden design after it is built?

This is entirely at your own discretion once the landscaping is completed.

Will my garden package be exactly as it is drawn in the brochure?

Every home site and building envelop is unique and our designers will tweak each design to best suit the block, orientation, building envelop and housing facade. This is why it is very important to send us your housing plans once they are finalised.


Can I build the garden through my own resources?

A local contractor has been appointed to construct all the front yard landscape packages.


Can you provide additional landscaping?

Yes, however this request must be lodged at the same time as your COO.  If you do not lodge this request we cannot assist.

You may lodge a request for additional landscaping prior to this date (this is preferable).

Any request for additional landscape works is subject to extended lead times and may not be built as part of the front yard landscape project.

Additional works will be quoted to you directly and payment terms will be structured as part of the formal quote.


Can you build retaining walls?

Possibly, however this request must be lodged at the same time as your COO.  If you do not lodge this request we cannot assist.  You may lodge a request for retaining walls prior to this date (this is preferable). Please be aware that we cannot come and install the garden if the retaining walls are not complete.

Additional works will be quoted to you directly and payment terms will be structured as part of the formal quote.


Can you offer other landscape materials?

Possibly, however this request must be lodged at the same time as your COO.  If you do not lodge this request we cannot assist.  You may lodge a request for retaining walls prior to this date (this is preferable).

Additional works will be quoted to you directly – payment terms will be structured as part of the formal quote.

Other landscape materials may include: letterbox, clotheslines, irrigation upgrades, concrete works, planter boxes and more.


What happens if my plants die?

We do not provide a warranty on the front yard landscapes.  Any plant failure will not be subject to replacement and it is therefore the responsibility of the occupiers or owner of the property to ensure the health and ongoing maintenance of the garden once it has been installed.


Can you maintain my garden?

Yes, our local contractor does offer a maintenance option for those that may require it.  Please visit the Delaray Waters Sales Centre for more information.

Maintenance works will be quoted to you directly – payment terms will be structured as part of the formal quote.