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Front Yard Landscaping

Feel at ease as soon as you move into your new home at Delaray Waters with your front landscaping taken care of. A unique collection of front yard landscaping options have been specifically designed by some of Australia’s leading landscape architects to make your house look like a home from the outset.

View our four Garden Packages below and select which one best suits you and your future home at Delaray Waters.

A free-flowing garden!

The Inspiration Garden has been designed to enhance any modern Australian home. Natural materials, Australian native plants and an earthy approach to design will keep this garden low in maintenance and big on impact.

Xanthorrhoea glauca

This is an iconic plant that has a special place in the heart of many Australians. This unusual plant also known as a grass tree is a key feature in Aboriginal history, colonial artworks and a modern day inspiration to landscape architects.

Acacia cognata ‘Mini Cog’

A low growing compact form of Acacia cognata with light green new growth maturing to a rich emerald green.

Anigozanthos ssp.

Kangaroo paw is the comman name for these perennial plants which are noted for their unique bird attracting flowers. The tubular flowers are coated with dense hairs and open at the apex with six claw-like structures: it is from this ‘paw’ formation, the common name “kangaroo paw” is derived.

Grevillea x ‘Coconut Ice’

‘Coconut Ice’ is a beautiful native shrub with stunning pink-orange flowers most of the year. Frost hardy and requires little water once established. Great bird-attracting hedge plant.

Lomandra longifolia ‘Tanika’

Tanika® Lomandra is an evergreen ‘soft looking’ shrub in a compact fine leaf form.  This low maintenance plant is perfect for all garden situations.


A rich pallet of flowering trees, shrubs and understory planting set among a rambling-style pathway and semi-circle lawn will ensure The Flowerfields Garden is a bee’s best friend.

Lagerstroemia indica x L. fauriei ‘Natchez’

A very elegant and adaptable crepe myrtle featuring excellent white flowers and highly attractive exfoliating bark. The extremities of the branches become pendulous giving a slightly weeping effect which is made more dramatic with the production of large white flowers in summer.

Convolvulus cneorum

Also known as Silver Bush, Convolvulus cneorum is an excellent low growing round and evergreen bush that produces a show of small circular white flowers through spring and summer.

Lavandula angustifolia

More commonly known as Lavender, this is an evergreen shrub that produces long stems of purple and highly fragrant flowers and is known for its drought tolerance and hardiness.

Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’

Also known as the Cherry Laurel, ‘Otto Luyken’ is a spreading evergreen shrub featuring dense, low growth and small, glossy dark-green leaves.  Flowers are small and white.


An elegant take on the modern garden – The Ornamental Garden is classic and timeless. Features include the striking use of paving in a geometric design which frames the formal lawn offset by an advanced feature tree and complimented by an understory of ornamental shrubs.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital’

Commonly referred to as ‘ornamental pears’, Pyrus are among the hardiest and easiest to grow of all garden trees, able to tolerate low levels of drought and intermittently wet sites including clay soils.

‘Capital’ is a slender form popular in urban areas for its hardiness and is highly suitable to smaller gardens.

Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum ‘Plum Delight’

‘Plum Deight’ is an outstanding form of Loropetalum providing a compact, mounded habit and excellent foliage colour. Perfect for low borders and as a container specimen.

Murraya paniculata ‘Min-A-Min’

A lovey dwarf shrub that produces fragrant, creamy white flowers in abundance in spring then again in late summer or early autumn. ‘Min-A-Min’ feature glossy green foliage and a dense habit and are often planted as hedges and privacy screens.


A stunning selection of rambling and architectural plants combine to form The Emergence Garden. This design features a striking mature tree, a lawn square with feature paving designed to present a unique entry and highly stylised approach to a majestic home.

Magnolia grandiflora ‘MGTIG’ Greenback®

A popular evergreen magnolia loved for its smooth, glossy green leaves and this form have a vibrant green under-leaf making the tree look lush and dense.  The uniform, tight growth habit makes this tree an excellent specimen or screen.

Phormium tenax ‘All Black’

A lovely strappy plant that produces strong upright tufts of very dark purple foliage which is highly architectural in form and offers the perfect complement to brightly coloured bedding plants.

Hebe ‘Marie Antoinette’

‘Marie Antoinette’ is a very hardy, small evergreen Hebe shrub featuring narrow green leaves and masses of mauve purple/to pink flower spikes that fade to white in summer through autumn.

Rosa x ‘Nearly Wild’

‘Nearly Wild’ is a floribunda shrub form of rose that is small and compact and produces swathes of mildly fragrant, pretty single-petal pink roses.

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