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A New Standard of Sustainable Living at ARMSTRONG

Introducing A 7-Star Revolution

By choosing one of these homes, you’ll be choosing to build a high-quality, attractive and sustainable home that gives you maximum comfort and minimum running costs year after year.

These homes set a new standard for sustainable living at ARMSTRONG, creating a legacy and positive change for the future.


Maximum Comfort & Maximum Savings

High-Quality, Attractive & Sustainable

Enjoy effortless year-round comfort with your home designed to stay warmer in winter and cooler throughout summer’s extremes.

Breathe easy with the choice of gas-free appliances and temperature controls, giving you better air quality and health.

Relax in peace and quiet, your home’s insulation and window glazing improvements not only keep you more comfortable, they also block outside noise more efficiently.

Turn expenses into enjoyment! Every month you’ll be paying less for gas, water and electricity, creating savings for holidays, education, retirement and more.

7-Star Home Advantages

Year-on-year savings across gas, water & electricity is just the beginning

All seasons comfort –
warmer in winter, cooler in summer

Improved are quality
& health

A quieter home

The satisfaction of contributing towards a more sustainable environment

How do I build a 7-Star home?

Leading the way in new standards

6-stars is the current minimum standard for new homes.

7-star sustainability is just one step further and achieved
through things like:

  • Increased levels of insulation
  • High level-quality window products, such as double-glazing
  • Energy-smart house plans which allow for best use of the sun – keeping it out in summer with eaves, and letting it flood into living areas in winter
  • Keeping south and west-facing windows reasonably small
  • Having homes proportioned to reduce both total wall area and build complexity
  • Reducing the number of items penetrating the ceiling, such as lights, ducts and skylights
  • Cross-flow ventilation to let homes cool down after a hot day

Who can build my
7-Star home?

At ARMSTRONG, the choice is yours.

Select from a range of 7-Star homes designed by leading builders especially for ARMSTRONG lots.

You’ll be enjoying a beautiful home with high standards of liveability and energy efficiency.

Make The Move Into Real Community

Stage 49 Release – SOLD OUT

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Are you interested in building a 7-Star Home at ARMSTRONG?
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