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Sustainability & Change in Australia’s Building Sector 

ONLINE EVENT  |  5.45pm Wednesday 17 February 2021

We warmly thank everyone who joined our online event!

We hope you were entertained, inspired and energised by Sustainability & Change in Australia’s Building Sector, proudly presented as an official part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 2021


Missed part of the presentation or like to revisit the discussion?

The full webinar is now available for viewing online.


A few tech issues interrupted the ‘Aquarevo Home’ video in Rory’s presentation.

View the full clip here (complete with sound)!

The presentation prompted plenty of interest! Our panellists discussed a number of questions from the audience during the webinar.  Here’s a few more we didn’t have time to address live…

How do we ensure that the remarkable achievements of The Cape and Aquarevo are delivered more widely?

Support the national move towards 7-star energy efficiency and gas-free/carbon neutral estates, and introduce EV charging at lot scale in all homes to encourage electric vehicles. As developers, lead by having a conversation with volume builders and resource training to optimise designs and reduce premiums for building higher-performance homes.

What’s the increase in the building costs of homes within The Cape compared to regular 6 star builds?

Starting price for homes is $270k -$280k for a smaller, fully fitted out 8-star home with solar/efficient all-electric fitout. Optimal design has reduced the premium to build sustainably to very little. Volume builders should be able to harness good design to similarly reduce premiums.

What are the environmental disadvantages of a black tiled roof?

We are biasing towards lighter coloured rooftops across whole estates to increase reflectivity and urban cooling.

Does modelling indicate an approximate minimum stand-alone estate size to apply this approach? Both for function and financial startup for developer.

If quality training is made available to builders and designers to enable them to reduce the costs to build higher-performing homes, the approach should be scaleable to any size development.

Why no natural gas please?

By upgrading a home to a higher standard of passive solar performance and replacing gas appliances with performance efficient, all-electric appliances for heating, cooling, hot water and cooking paired with solar energy, these steps allow the house to be operationally carbon neutral. It also allows us to eliminate gas bills and emissions, to avoid gas plumbing to the home and also the costs of running gas pipelines into the estate. Gas cooking spills a lot of waste heat into a building envelope which is best avoided on hot days, particularly in a high-performance home.


Please visit our partner websites to discover more about the latest progress in sustainability across Australia’s communities, home-building and land development sectors.


A growing community in the heart of Lyndhurst and home to over 450 families, all enjoying smart design and leading-edge, intelligent water solutions, courtesy of Villawood Properties’ partnership with South East Water.


Our vision is to create a benchmark for sustainable living in a location unlike any other. The Cape brings together local builders and sustainability experts to create a modern community at one with the environment.


Villawood is a unique developer with a difference. We take a holistic approach to sustainability for better economic, environmental and social outcomes for our communities, our business and the world at large.


We support healthy communities by delivering water, sewerage and recycled water services to 1.87 million people. Our purpose at every level of our organisation is to deliver a continuous flow of healthy water for life.


We believe smart, sustainable living should be enjoyed by everyone and shouldn’t cost the earth. We’re proud to create award-winning, energy-efficient designs that are both beautiful and kind to our environment.

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