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We are pleased to announce that construction at Albright Park is nearly completion and is set to open early March!

The park features a basketball half-court, flying fox, slides, kick-about spaces, BBQ facilities and a unique custom shelter. The park is forecast for completion by early 2019.

Did you know that there are two site cameras set up at Albright which take photos every 15 minutes? Click the links below to see the works take place in real time!


Stage 4 will be completed during January, allowing a Council inspection later in the month and authority compliances during February.

Statement of Compliance from Council is forecast for late February, and titles following in February/March 2019.



Electrical and telecommunication services continue to be laid, following on from work begun last month in October. Street lights have been installed. Offside concreting of footpaths has begun and will continue into November.  Following completion of electrical works, crossovers will be poured.

Titles are forecast for February 2019.


Bulk earthworks have continued through November in recognition that this is a large start with over 60 lots. Drainage construction is forecast to begin in late December or January 2019.

Titles are forecast for the third quarter of 2019.



Villawood continues to work on a temporary solution to bring natural gas to Albright.
We anticipate that the solution will be completed during January, allowing gas to be provided to homes as soon as possible by AusNet as the gas authority.
Please keep in mind that all homes will still need to have a gas conduit and meter installed to use gas. Villawood has contacted Downers, the company who install meters, who have indicated that they will fast-track meter installation once gas is available in the estate.

Once natural gas is available in the estate we will be contacting all purchasers and builders directly to let them know, as well as communications being sent out by email and on the website.

Until natural gas is available in the estate, our offer of a temporary solution still stands to reimburse residents who choose to convert their home to LPG gas to move in sooner. Alternatively, gas appliances can be converted to electrical. Affected residents in Stages 1 to 3 have been advised, as have their builders with greater detail, including contact details regarding the conversion process.

For those purchasers who believe they are affected, please contact will@villawoodproperties.com for further information


The majority of the play equipment has now been installed, and the shelter shed slab has been poured ahead of the assembly of the shelter. The skate ramps concrete slabs have been poured and the half basketball court base has been constructed ahead of the surface pour in early December.

Paths will now be completed and the park will spring to life as topsoil is placed and landscaping is concluded with tree and plant planting.

The park is forecast for completion by early 2019 with a residents event to shortly follow!